Beth Vaughan

Beth Vaughan is a long term SRT and SpR teacher. She is native to Houston and began her career in Pharmacy. She still practices part time today and helps people with many different health challenges.



She began her studies with SRT in September 2002. She became a SRT and SpR teacher in 2007 and an Intensive Skills teacher in 2016. She travels worldwide teaching the Intensive Skills Class and works with clients from around the world. “I feel that SRT opened up my path to recognize my passion for studying and teaching consciousness expanding courses and expanding in my life.” 



She is now training a variety of consciousness expanding programs at the world renown Monroe Institute in Faber, VA.  She has recently added to her expertise brain wave theory as a EEG biofeedback Mind Mirror practitioner. She is a NuVision user and a New Money Story coach. She currently serves on the SRA’a finance committee.